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Mercoledì 20 aprile ore 14: seminario Prof. Zeki Aksu "Mathematics teacher candidates’ approaches to using topology in geometry"

Seminario di Didattica della Matematica

Data e ora:  mercoledì 20 aprile 2022, dalle 14 alle 15

Lougo: aula D, Plesso di Matematica e Informatica 

Relatore : Prof. Zeki Aksu,  Artvin Coruh University - Turchia

Titolo :  Mathematics teacher candidates’ approaches to using topology in geometry

Abstract: When we look at the theoretical relationships between the three types of geometry, we find
that the most primitive type is topology and that both Euclidean and projective geometry are
derived from this earlier type. Therefore, Piaget described the first stage or level of
understanding geometry as topological understanding. In this study, the geometric thinking
conditions of mathematics teacher candidates were examined and what they think about the
topology course was determined by surveying their opinions about the undergraduate courses.
The participants of the study consisted of 36 teacher candidates studying in the Mathematics
Department of the Faculty of Science attached to a university in Turkey. The findings of the
study revealed that none of the teacher candidates used topological thinking to solve the
questions in the data collection instrument. Those candidates who considered topology as an
abstract course did not associate topology with geometry. A thorough understanding of the
meaning of topology and topological thought is an advantage to young children as well as
college-age students; improving mathematics curricula on this topic, particularly at the
graduate level, will ensure that all future teachers are appropriately trained for their future
responsibility of educating others. We believe that it is necessary to give Topology and
topological thought the place they deserve in the educational process.

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