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Algebra group

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Andrea Appel

Fiorenza Morini

a) Theory of nearrings. Study of specific classes of nearrings: for example Orthodox nearrings, A-rigid nearrings and weakly divisible nearrings. Such nearrings have provided a starting point for further study aimed at geometric-combinatorial structures (for example in building designs and codes from weakly divisible nearrings).
b) Theory of groups. Asymptotic problems and probabilistic methods.
Topic of research is to study the function P_G (t) that expresses the probability that t elements taken at random from a group G generate the same group. The function P_G can be expressed as Dirichlet series, and then extended by interpolation to a complex-valued function, the inverse of that function is called probabilistic zeta function of the group G.

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Visiting members

Professor Manabu Ozaki (Waseda University Tokyo) , 19-29 November 2014


Main collaborators

Bruno Angles (Caen)
Francesc Bars (UAB Barcelona)
Manabu Ozaki (Waseda - Tokyo)
Ignazio Longhi (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (Suzhou, Cina))
Stefano Vigni (Università di Genova)
Laura Paladino (Università della Calabria)
Maria Valentino (Università della Calabria)
Fabio Caldarola (Università della Calabria)
Anna Benini (Università di Brescia)
Achille Frigeri (Politecnico di Milano)


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