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Computer Science group

Group members, publications and research topics

Roberto Alfieri - Publications of Roberto Alfieri
  The main research activity is the study of new hardware and software technologies for high performance
  computing and  the design and development of distributed and parallel scientific applications on HPC systems.

Roberto Bagnara - Publications of Roberto Bagnara
  - Verification of critical software
  - Formal methods for the analysis and verification of programs
  - Semantics of programming languages
  - Abstract interpretation
  - Advanced compilation techniques
  - Logic programming and constraint logic programming
  - Computer algebra

Federico Bergenti - Publications of Federico Bergenti
  1. Software agents, multi-agent systems and Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.
  2. Constraint programming and (logic) programming languages.
  3. Computer-Supported Cooperative Work systems.
  4. Multimedia-centric systems and optimal management of resources with quality of service.
  5. Aspect-Oriented Programming and Object-Oriented programming.
  6. Pattern recognition and Machine Vision.

Alessandro Dal Palù - Publications of Alessandro Dal Palù
    - Programming methodologies to solve complex problems: Constraint (Logic) Programming, Answer Set Programming.
    - Bioinformatics (Protein structure prediction, Protein Flexibility).
    - Analysis of multi-dimensional medical images.
    - Parallel computing (traditional and GPGPU).
    - Numerical simulation with CUDA architecture.
    - Computational complexity and data structure optimization.

Grazia Lotti - Publications of Grazia Lotti
  Analysis of algorithms for the nonnegative image deconvolution;
  analysis of algorithms for the solution of shift-invariant linear systems.

Stefania Monica - Publications of Stefania Monica
  1.Collective dynamics of multi-agent systems
  2. Social interactions in complex intelligent systems
  3. Polynomial constraints over finite domains
  4. Localization algorithms for ultra-wide band and WiFi networks
  5. Agent-oriented programming languages

Gianfranco Rossi - Publications of Gianfranco Rossi
  - Study, design, implementation and applications of constraint languages and solvers on sets and finite domains
  - Study, design and implementation of solvers for the computation of non-ground stable models for Answer Set Programming.

Enea Zaffanella - Publications of Enea Zaffanella
  Formal methods for the analysis and verification of programs
  Abstract Interpretation: domains and abstract operators
  Semantics of programming languages
  (Constraint) Logic Programming


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